Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Night before:
I large group went out to ABC brewery to get a bite and catch up. Irene, Greg and Donato came by, it was great to see them again. A few of us had a great talk with Donato
about how to stay fresh on comission and different ways to "keep you edge"

Day 1
The day started with an awesome video showing the work of all the instructors. It was simply amazing. The rest of the day was spent getting great crits from the faculty. Dan and Charles helped me work thru some minor issue with my sketch and Greg came by later and offer some great thoughts too. I had a won
derful conversation with Irene about NDAs and other parts of the business. Finally the day ended with Boris and Julie talking about photography and a demo of how to shoot reference images by Dan and Donato. I ended up spending until 1:20ish in the studio working on my image.

Day 2
Most of the day was spent working on our images while the faculty gave individual advice. So much good stuff here, there is no way to list it all. There was probably more talking and such going on than painting, but it was great fun. Dan talked in the afternoon about how to make up reference ie Frankenstiening and then after dinner Greg gave us a retrospective of his work. WOW he is an amazing artist and a super cool guy.

Now off to bed! Below is my painting so far and a pict of boris and julie painting. Watching them paint is amazing as well.

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CGriffin said...

GORGEOUS start! I can't wait to see it finished!